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About Us

No meat week is an annual campaign about making the choice to eat less meat, care more for the environment, help animals and feel better too.

Our main goals are to raise much needed money for animals, eat less of them and help the environment in the process.

All money raised from your campaigns will go to Dogs Trust who carry out vital work for dogs year in year out and are in need to funding to keep this going, more information about the charity can be found on the website.

While raising money to help animals we want you to experience a week without eating meats and see if you can introduce a day or so a week where you don’t eat meat from then on, little changes can make a big difference to your health and the way you feel too.

As we are all aware climate change is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, by eating less meat each year we can help over grazing of lands, usage of water to grow crops to feed these animals and air pollution as live stock realise a large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere due to their diet, we wish to slow this process down by eating and purchasing less meat.